Basic Data Science & Machine Learning: eTutorials & eBooks

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Mathematics Worksheets for Kids

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Big Data & Advanced Analytics Tutorials using Excel, SQL & Power BI

Excel Charts for Data Analyst      Excel DAX for Data Analyst Excel Dashboard for Data Analyst      Excel Data Analysis for Beginner
MS Excel for Data Analyst      Power BI for Data Analyst Tableau for Data Analyst      QlikView for Data Analyst


Article with Codes: Business Data Science & Time Series Forecasting

Business Data Science and Forecasting
Python Codes R Codes


eBooks: Beginners to Coders

eBook - Python for Beginners      eBook - R for Beginners eBook - C for Beginners      eBook - GO for Beginners
eBook - CS for Beginners      eBook - AI for Beginners eBook - DS for Beginners      eBook - ML for Beginners
eBook - Xamarin for Coders      eBook - VB.NET for Coders eBook - VBA for Coders      eBook - TypeScript for Coders
eBook - SWIFT for Beginners      eBook - SQL for Beginners eBook - React Native for Beginners      eBook - TypeScript for Coders


Cloud Computing Technologies

AWS      Azure
GCP      OCI


End-to-End Applied Machine Learning and Data Science Tutorials

End-to-End Data Science Recipes      Data Science Tutorials Data Visualisation Recipes      Supervised Learning Recipes
ML Classification Recipes      ML Regression Recipes ML Clustering Recipes      Time Series Forecasting
Applied Statistics for Beginners      Data Analytics for Beginners Machine Learning Recipes      Tabular Data Analytics
Inflation Rate Forecasting      Time Series Visual Recipes ML Classification Recipes      ML Regression Recipes


Machine Learning and Data Science Coding Recipes

End-to-End AutoML Recipes      End-to-End Recipes End-to-End PyCaret Recipes      ARIMA Forecasting Recipes
FBProphet Forecasting Recipes      End-to-End Keras Recipes Python Pandas Recipes      Python CatBoost Recipes
Python LightGBM Recipes      Python XGBoost Recipes Python SciKit Learn Recipes      Python TensorFlow Recipes


End-to-End Tutorials with Examples

C Programming Tutorials      C++ Programming Tutorials C Algorithms for Beginners      C Data Structure for Beginners
Excel Examples for Beginners      Excel to Python & R Recipes HTML Examples for Beginners      JAVA Programming Tutorials
JAVA Examples for Beginners      JavaScript Tutorials for Beginners Kotlin Tutorials for Beginners      PHP Tutorials for Beginners
PostgreSQL for Beginners      Python Tutorials & Recipes R Tutorials & Recipes      Snowflake Tutorials & Recipes
SQL Tutorials for Beginners      Statistics for Beginners Swift Tutorials & Recipes      Web Development Recipes


End-to-End Python, R & SQL Tutorials for Beginners to Professionals

Python Step-by-Step Coding Recipes      Python Algorithm Tutorials Python Data Structure      Python Examples for Beginners
Python ML Crash Course      Python for Citizen Data Scientist Python Time Series Forecasting      Python Visualisation Recipes
Python for Business Analyst      Python for Data Analyst R Step-by-Step Coding Recipes      R Tutorials for Beginners
R for Business Analytics      R Visualisation Recipes R ML Crash Course for Beginners      R Time Series Forecasting
SQL Tutorials for Beginners      SQL for Citizen Data Scientist SQL for Business Analyst      Time Series Forecasting Recipes