Cookbook – SWIFT for Beginners – Chapter 35: Function as first class citizens in Swift

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In the world of programming, there are some special elements of a language that are called “first-class citizens.” These elements are so important that they are treated as equal to other basic elements, such as numbers and strings. In the case of SWIFT, functions are considered first-class citizens, meaning that they can be used in the same way as any other basic element.

The idea of functions as first-class citizens means that functions can be assigned to variables, passed as arguments to other functions, and even returned as outputs from other functions. This opens up a world of possibilities for creating flexible and reusable code.

One of the main benefits of having functions as first-class citizens is that it allows you to write code that is more modular and easier to maintain. By breaking down your code into smaller, reusable functions, you can write code that is easier to test, debug, and improve.

Another benefit of having functions as first-class citizens is that it makes your code more readable and understandable. By breaking down your code into smaller functions, you can give each function a descriptive name that explains what it does. This makes your code much easier to understand, even for someone who is new to the codebase.

Getting started with using functions as first-class citizens in SWIFT is easy. To assign a function to a variable, simply use the “let” keyword followed by a variable name, and then the function definition. To pass a function as an argument to another function, simply include the function as an argument when calling the other function. And to return a function from another function, simply use the “->” symbol to specify the output type, followed by the function definition.

In conclusion, Functions as First-Class citizens in SWIFT is a powerful feature that can greatly enhance your coding skills and help you write cleaner, more concise, and more reusable code. If you’re just starting out with SWIFT, it’s definitely worth learning the basics of Functions as First-Class citizens and incorporating it into your coding practice.


Cookbook – SWIFT for Beginners – Chapter 35: Function as first class citizens in Swift

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